The power of webshop sampling: 4 examples

Webshop sampling is one of the newest ways to sample products. Sampling at online web shops has become increasingly popular in recent years and this popularity is expected to increase in the coming years. In this blog we explain what webshop sampling is and what the benefits are. Below we give four examples of successful webshop sampling campaigns.


What is webshop sampling?

Web shop sampling is the addition of a free sample to an order at a webshop. As with other forms of sampling, the match with the product sent is also very important in webshop sampling. This way you can reach the right target group and offer something extra. There are actually three winners in this form of sampling. The webshop can surprise its customers with a free product, the brand of the sampled product can bring its product to the attention of the right target group and the consumer is happy, because he gets more than expected.

In addition to sampling, webshop sampling lends itself well to obtaining feedback. A few days after receiving the sample, the consumer receives an email with questions about the product. The product can be improved with this information. Research shows that the open rate of a webshop sample is no less than 99%!

The benefits of webshop sampling

Although webshop sampling already ensures a satisfied consumer, webshop and brand, it has a number of other advantages. With webshop sampling:

    • You can sample large quantities in a short period of time. Certainly at web shops that ship many products per day, you can quickly reach a large part of your target group.
    • You have fewer costs. A complete stand on location with 5 people handing out samples? That can add up considerably in costs. With webshop sampling you have virtually no costs. Sending the samples is often paid for by the webshop. You also have no extra costs for a promotion team, stand or other matters.
    • You can better coordinate the marketing plans based on collected feedback. Through the feedback program you as a brand gain insight into the wishes and needs of your target group. Based on these insights, the marketing plans can be refined or the product can be upgraded.

4 examples of webshop sampling campaigns 

To give you a clear picture of webshop sampling, we have collected four examples below.

1: Dove Men+Care at sport/fashion webshops

Sweating, it unfortunately happens to us all. Sweating is normal during exercise, but it is not desirable during daily activities. At Dove they of course know this too. That is why Dove has set up a sampling campaign for the Men + Care deodorant at Intersport and other sports and fashion web stores. The deodorant was sent or given both online and offline.

dove lime

2: Herbamare at cooking webshops

The Herbamare Seasoning Salt sampling campaign is a perfect example of “moment sampling”. The herbal salt was in fact sampled when the target group actually needed and had time for this. At webshops such as Cook & Co and Cookinglife, salt was sent along. After delivery, the consumer could use the salt immediately. This good connection to the moment of use makes this a very successful webshop sampling campaign. 

3: Garnier at Studystore

Lime Factory has set up a sampling campaign for Garnier at the Studystore webshop. Garnier SkinActive PureActive Charcoal is an anti-pimple scrub that deactivates pimples.

Consumers receive this product from Garnier with every online order at Studystore. The specific target group is successfully reached, namely young adults. The promotion was communicated by means of a flyer. On the flyer is a campaign with the information that they receive 25% discount when buying the product.

4: Haust at Grandcruwijnen

When do we prefer to eat a toast? Haust believes while drinking a delicious bottle of wine. That is why Haust has sampled its Toast Rustique Raisin & Cranberry via the webshop of Grandcruwijnen. With every wine bottle, a bag of raisin & Cranberry Toast came in the box. The accompanying flyer explained how to best prepare the toast and the feedback program was boosted. When completing the feedback program you had a chance to win a Haust Drink package. The banner on the website and the Grandcruwijnen newsletter increased awareness of the promotion.

haust limefactory

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It is clear that many products can benefit from webshop sampling. Do you want to know more about the possibilities of webshop sampling? Please do not hesitate to contact us or have a look on the website for more information.  

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