The succesful Wilkinson campaign at Vero Moda

Wilkinson Vero Moda sampling

Wilkinson is a well-established brand in the razor blade market for men and women. We have set up a successful sampling campaign. In the stores at Vero Moda, the customers received a free Wilkinson Intuition f.a.b. shaving system. There was also a discount coupon for purchase of refill blades at Etos and a flyer with a request to participate in the feedback program.

The challange

Wilkinson has developed a new shaving system for women: the Intuition f.a.b. F.a.b stands for “Forward and Backward”: the razor can shave in two directions. Wilkinson wanted to create awareness for this new product while collecting feedback from users. During the sampling campaign, there were 20,000 Intuition f.a.b. razor blades handed out. The sampling campaign of Wilkinson was to strengthen the product campaign that was introduced via television and online.


The first challenge was to find the right location to reach the target group. The goal of the campaign was to reach (young) women who have just started shaving. This goal was pursued by handing out the new shaving system, a flyer with discount coupon and a request for feedback.

Because of our large network in the retail world and previous collaborations with Vero Moda, we knew that the right target group was in this store.

Wilkinson Vero Moda sampling toonbank

Vero Moda, one of the many retail chains in our retail network.

Our customer

According to Maurice Knöps, Brand Manager for Wilkinson Netherlands, it turned out that the campaign was very successful:

‘’This was the first time that we searched where our target group comes from to carry out a sampling campaign. The collaboration with Lime Factory went very well. Together we went looking for a suitable combination and from previous experiences of Lime Factory with Vero Moda this turned out to be a very good match! Lime Factory has taken a lot of work off our hands; communication with Vero Moda, logistical coordination and production of the materials were all arranged by them, which was very pleasant”

The results

The results of the sampling campaign were measured by the feedback program that consumers could fill in. On the flyer there was a call-to-action to the feedback program and this was frequently filled out.

The product rating was extremely positive, more than 95% thinks the product is good or excellent!

It was a large sampling campaign for Wilkinson in the Netherlands and the results were very positive. The female customers were extremely enthusiastic about Wilkinson’s new shaving system, which can shave both ways. Around 95% of the women thought the product was good or even excellent.

Around 80% of the target group would buy the Intuition f.a.b. again.

The results also showed that around 72% of the women did not know the product. So a large new target group has been addressed due to this campaign. The repeat purchase intent of the target group was 80%, and this is around 40% for other sampling campaigns. We conclude: a great result!

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