About us

Refreshing sampling concepts

With a marketing and IT background, the owners of Lime Factory, Govert Noordman and Chris Hagens began developing sampling concepts in the summer of 2010.

During a holiday in America, Chris came into contact with some sponsored cinnamon toothpaste in the bathroom of his hotel, a product he would typically never buy. However, as the sample was presented at the precise moment that there was time and need, he was prepared to try it – and it turned out to be fantastic!

Therefore, the approach we take to our sampling concepts is to sample when the consumer actually has the time and the need. In addition, we would also aim to make this measurable.
How often do you see a trash can full of samples 50 meters away from the sampling team? What do you think the consumer thought of that product?

For some years now, we have been running our concept, the ‘Welcome Box’ at Center Parcs (unfortunately still without cinnamon toothpaste), and we are also working on consumer concepts at home, such as the Monster Box and Webshop sampling. We have carried out a large number of campaigns through all kinds of channels in both The Netherlands and Belgium; such as fashion shops, bakers, vegetable shops, saunas, play paradises, cooking workshops etc.