Santa Maria & BBQ

Santa Maria & BBQ

Lime Factory heeft voor Santa Maria set up a sampling campaign with a number of appropriate channels. The Santa Maria BBQ sauce, rub and marinade was included,together with the flyer for orders with the BBQ champion, when participating in a Weber workshop, with a purchase at the Greengrocer and through the Summer Box at Center Parcs.

Through the webshop of BBQ Champion, the Santa Maria products are included with orders of a BBQ package. Here as well the previous mentioned flyer was sent along to gather feedback.

The Santa Maria products were used during the Weber’s Grill Academy BBQ workshop.¬†After the workshop, the participants received a sample, incl. flyer.

With every purchase in the stores of The real Greengrocer, customers received a Santa Maria sauce, rub or marinade to try at home. A flyer was also given, with a recipe and link to the feedback platform.

At all Center Parcs resorts in The Netherlands, the consumer receives the “Summer Box” with attractive and tasty products, which are chosen to match the moment. This can be enjoyed by all during the stay. In addition to the sample, there is also a leaflet in the Welcome Box, where the consumer is encouraged to give feedback on the product.

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